Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise

The cry echoes from the cross down through the ages,

‘today you will be with me’.

It is a reassuring cry for

it is a genuine cry.

I am not alone.

His presence is promised.

Every second.

‘Today you will be with me’.




Promised presence.

Present presence.

‘Today you will be with me’.

Oh, Father of ever-presence,

help me catch hold of that echo.

Its love,

its genuineness,

and, in doing so, realise again that

I am not alone.

The strength of every echo is

its source.

I am not alone because

you are here.

Right here.

Right now.

Help me to listen to your echo.

All it means,

all it stands for.

Enable me to let it resound into my life and days.

May I never let your echo fade.

‘Today you will be with me’.


Lord Jesus

Even when I feel alone,

I’m not.

Even when I’m by myself,

or lonely in a crowd,

I’m not alone.

You are with me.

Right here.

Wherever I am.

Thank you.


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