The Advent of Emazon

A portmanteau, in linguistics, is the merging of two words.

Today, I felt the need to coin a portmanteau. I took ‘Emily’ and ‘Amazon’ and made ‘Emazon’.


Probably not the best portmanteau ever, but very possibly the most important for me.

Today, I received four Emazon reviews for The Power of Seven.  Four people have, independently, told me what they think of the book.  So, for the first time ever, I bring you Emazon reviews:

‘To say I enjoy this book would be an understatement’

‘Your new book is amazing, and really touched my heart’

‘I think this is your best book yet’

‘I love it’

I received an email the other day that shows Emazon still needs Amazon;

‘I have just ordered The Power of Seven from Amazon. It will be lovely to be immersed in your warm, approachable and welcoming writing style once again.’

I said at the launch event for Power of Seven; “If you’d like to leave a review on Amazon, please do.  If you wouldn’t, then don’t.” No pressure.

I can now say the same about Emazon reviews.

Reviews are lovely to receive, whatever feedback they give.  Emazon or Amazon.

In fact, they’re Brilltastic! 

Thank you.

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