Soul’s Scribe by Kate Nicholas

Philosophy. Literature. Psychology. Art. Stories. Faith. Bible.

If I were to write a checklist of things that draw me in when reading a book, the above would be in it.

This list – and more – are things I found in the pages of Soul’s Scribe.

Book cover 'Soul's Scribe: Connecting your story with God's narrative by Kate Nicholas.' AA manual for life...practical, inspiring, and rooted in biblical truth. Chine McDonald' image shows a face in silhouette, and clouds.

I first came across Kate Nicholas in her memoir, Sea Changed, which tells her story. Soul’s Scribe moves on from that and looks at how to tell one’s story.

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t have a life-story to tell. I’ve met plenty who don’t think they have much of a story to tell, though.

Soul’s Scribe points to the fact that every single one of our stories is linked with God’s own. This deceptively simple truth really impacted me.

Our lives  – our individual lives – are inextricably connected with God’s. We are part of His narrative.

That put a whole new slant on all the times I’ve thought of my life-story as boring!

I caught up with Kate to ask her a few questions about the book. I thought I’d start with a simple, un-book-related question, to ease us in gently:

Emily: What’s your favourite food?

Kate: Poke Bowls

Emily, who has never heard of poke bowls, feels she has failed in her task of putting herself at ease, so decides to just plunge straight in….

Emily: Hi Kate! Congratulations on your book, Soul’s Scribe. It’s really good to have opportunity to ask you a few questions about yourself and the book. Thank you for being willing to be quizzed.

So, first question: Describe yourself in one word?

Kate: That’s a tough one! ‘Pilgrim’.

Emily: When did you first realise that your story connects with God’s narrative?

Kate: It was when I began to see that the world was a more mysterious place than I had ever imagined. When I first came to Christ, my faith was one of the head. After reading the Bible and various theologians, like C.S. Lewis, I reached the conclusion that Jesus either had to be mad, bad or truly the son of God but God still felt to me like a distant landlord. But when I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time, I began to look back over my life and for the first time was able to see how God had been at work throughout, guiding my trajectory and lifting me up even in the darkest moments and to understand the story of that part of myself that connects with and experiences God, and that my soul story is tiny part of his overarching narrative. I wrote my own soul story in my memoir Sea Changed and wrote Soul’s Scribe to help others do the same – to understand and to share their soul story.

Emily: Tell me about a time when you’ve felt especially close to God?

Kate: It was during my cancer journeys that I have felt closest to God – in fact the sense of his presence was sometimes incandescent. Perhaps this closeness came because I had reached the end of my own resources and in my weakness his presence became stronger.

Emily: How does knowing that there is a connection between God and your story encourage you?

Kate: I find it profoundly encouraging that my little life is part of a much bigger narrative. It relieves me of the need to always understand ‘why’, I and those I love sometimes have to suffer as I know that God has a plan to prosper and not to harm us, to give us hope and a future (Jer 29:11) which passes my understanding. It helps me to keep the challenges of my life in perspective.

Emily: Who did you write Soul’s Scribe for?

Kate: I wrote Soul’s Scribe for anyone who would like to better understand how God has worked in their life as well as for those who would like to share their authentic faith journey in a way that will inspire and encourage family, friends, church, community and others. You don’t need to be a public speaker or an author (although I do offer an online course called ‘Write Your Soul Story’ for anyone who wants to take the next step and to write an autobiography or memoir) you just need to be willing to step out in faith, and tell your tale and God will do the rest.

Emily: What do you hope readers will take away from Soul’s Scribe?

Kate: My hope is that in reflecting on their souls story, readers will recognise that the world is a more mysterious place than we can ever imagine and that each of us has a story to tell about our connection, and walk, with God –  and that they will feel empowered to confidently go out and share that story.

Emily: And finally, can you tell me one of your favourite quotes from the book?

Kate: ‘A soul story told quietly to a single person may change the course of their life eternally.’

Emily: I like that very much. I think it sums up the premise of the book: We all have soul stories to tell, and every individual matters.

Thank you for talking to me, Kate. I hope and pray that many people will be encouraged through Soul’s Scribe, as I was, to realise that God chose them to be part of His narrative.

‘This book begins with one of the most powerful and evocative passages retelling God’s narrative I have ever read, and goes on to reveal that each one of us is – incredibly – part of his great symphony…..this beautifully written book will help you discover the unique story of your soul.’ Emily Owen

Kate Nicholas is a preacher, author and broadcaster with over 30 years of experience as a national journalist and editor. She wrote her first book Sea Changed – an account of her unconventional journey of faith and healing – while being treated for cancer. She has gone on to share her message of hope through her books, blog Faith, Life and Cancer, and her TV series Living a Transformed Life on TBN. Her latest book Soul’s Scribe – a guide to understanding and sharing your soul story – is now available.  Find out more at

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  1. This is so encouraging! I’ve been trying to write my life-story, mainly for my children as they don’t know much about me, so I will try to adopt this approach instead of my more linear, chronological norm. (I should also read Kate’s two books!)

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