Somewhat Obscured

You may remember that, some months ago, I wrote about going to choose a new wheelchair. (Click here.)

And how I wasn’t overly pleased about having to choose a wheelchair.

But I could see it was sensible.

So I did it.

I ordered one.

And then I put it out of my mind.

Even when the ’ready by’ date had been and gone, I didn’t chase it up.

Out of sight, out of mind.

And then the appointment came through.

The date to try out and collect my chair.

I determinedly called to mind all my previous ‘rainbow wheels’ optimism, but found it strangely lacking.

Oh, it was easy to see rainbows in things like the fact that I live in a country where healthcare is very available.

I’m always thankful for that.

But the rainbow wheels had become somewhat obscured with the passing of time.


Nevertheless, I went and sat in the chair.

Wheeled it around.

Hollowly, but at the same time genuinely, admired the workmanship that had gone into it.

It was state of the art.

Then, as I spun round, it was almost like going back in time.

My spin stopped as I was facing a wall.

The wall where I’d seen the rainbow wheel last time.

The wall which, this time, was empty.


“Oh,” I said to the salesman, “The wheel’s gone.”

It turned out they’d moved it to another wall.

Carrying on the conversation, I asked whether many people chose the rainbow wheels?

“No, not many.”

How many?

“Well, umm, one,” he said, looking at me rather significantly.

I expressed surprise.

Why wouldn’t people choose rainbow wheels?

He laughed, slightly ironically.

“Emily, ‘rainbow wheels’ are not really a thing…

The multi-coloured wheel is actually there for people to choose one colour for their own wheels.

That’s why your wheelchair took so long to be ready.

It turns out that it takes more time to make a wheel with lots of colours in it.”

It takes more time to make a wheel with lots of colours in it.

A rainbow wheel.

And yet he’d done that.

He’d made extra work for himself.

For me.


Sometimes it takes time to find rainbows, too.


As my hands pushed my colourful wheels out of the door, rainbows were no longer somewhat obscured.

Shining through rain?

Yes, maybe.

But there all the same.

‘I choose rainbows.

Every time.

Even when they are invisible, I carry on looking.

And I will find them.

I do find them.

Because there are always rainbows somewhere in the rain.’

(Still Emily)


Later that day, I was at a Christmas Tree Festival.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Christmas trees in one place.

They all looked lovely, each one differently decorated.

It was a cold, dark night when I arrived.

And this is the very first tree I saw:


A rainbow one.

4 thoughts on “Somewhat Obscured”

  1. Angela Hobday (Annie Try)

    Lovely post seeing the positive side of things and great that you have your rainbow wheels. I pray you will find your wheelchair a real blessing despite finding it difficult to accept you may need it.

  2. Oh Emily you already know how moved I was when I read about the dreaded wheel chair receiving the gift of time by a guy who fulfilled your wish for rainbow wheels !!! When I requested u bought it to our church anniversary I liked the way we placed it it on display next to your book, rather than keeping it on the floor to be used if needed. 😍👍🏼

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