Radio Interview

I recently met Marylin Baker to be interviewed on her Premier Christian Radio show.

Marilyn is blind.

She still doesn’t know what I look like.

I am deaf.

I still don’t know what she sounds like.

So how did the conversation pan out?

I think it went quite….

Actually, please just have a listen – from about one and a half minutes in: MB Interview

*Apologies that there is no transcript for those who can’t hear – I can’t hear the interview either but didn’t want that to stop people who can*



4 thoughts on “Radio Interview”

  1. Brilliant interview Emily. You are a natural at getting your point across! You must be so pleased that your book is available in so many different formats and reaching so many people.

    1. Thank you. And thanks for feeding back and being my ears, I’m glad it came across well. Yes, to say I am absolutely thrilled that the book is more widely available would be an understatement!

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