Granny’s Final Words

“I think the next one should be Esther.”

I held my Granny’s hand as I bent closer to the hospital bed.

“Sorry, what was that?”

“The next one should be Esther.”

And, once again, Granny lapsed out of consciousness.

I sat back down and looked at the hand clasped gently in mine.

Hands were always special to Granny.

I don’t know why.

But she had many hands on the walls of her home.

Pictures of hands, that is.

Perish the thought that even so much as a person’s finger should make contact with the wallpaper.

Looking back, I realised that Granny’s (real) hands had been there for me my entire life.

Helping me through my first steps, my first day at school, to ride a bike.

Nursing me through hospital and recuperation.

Many times.

Clapping me on through concerts, sporting events, exams results….

A little over two years ago, those hands clapped as my first books were published.

The first two books, 30 Days with Mary and 30 Days with Elijah, came in September.

Granny eagerly devoured them.

Her hands turned their pages.

Picked up a pencil and made notes.

Things she wanted to ask me.

By the time 30 Days with John came, just a couple of months later, Granny was ill.

She’d been diagnosed with aggressive cancer.

Which is why I was sitting beside her hospital bed.

My gaze travelled from our joined hands and rested on her other hand.

Which rested on a book.

My third.

It had literally been released that day.

Well, not even released yet, but I had some pre-release copies.

And I’d taken the first one straight to Granny.

Unsure whether she’d register that I was there, let alone the book, I placed it under her hand on the bed sheet anyway.

After a time – perhaps it was hours – Granny opened her eyes.

She felt something beneath her hand.

And her eyes lit up for a second as she realised what it was.

She drifted off again.

After a time – perhaps it was hours – Granny opened her eyes.

And that’s when she spoke:

“I think the next one should be Esther.”

Almost the last thing Granny ever said.

Fast forward a couple of years, and it was my turn to pick up a pencil.

Well, a pen.

To sign a contract.

For my next two books.


Granny thought the next one should be Esther.

And it will.

30 Days with Esther will be published by Authentic Media in 2017.

As will 30 Days with David.

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