The Power of Seven

Paperback, £9.99

An imaginative and gently challenging series of forty-nine reflections on seven biblical themes,  from creation to the churches of Revelation, written in Emily Owen’s unique interactive style.

In this inspirational devotional, Emily Owen weaves together biblical reflections, prayer and personal stories with a creative ‘voice’ of God, which all gently steer the reader into a closer walk with Jesus.

The Power of Seven encourages us to look afresh at some of the themes of seven in the Bible. ‘Creation’,  ‘God is…’, ‘God as shepherd’, the ‘I AM’s of the Bible, the last words of Jesus from the cross, and what we add to our faith (Goodness, Perseverance etc) are examined.  The book closes with a powerful section on Jesus speaking to the Revelation churches, beautifully and sensitively written in a fresh and engaging way.

Emily combines devotions with personal stories whilst always pointing to Jesus in her own gentle, thoughtful yet very powerful way. The voice of Jesus as Emily imagines it in this book is clear, the prayers are helpful, and Emily’s unique reflective and interactive style helps the reader to come into the presence of God.

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