God’s Calling Cards

Paperback, £10.00

A devotional look at how God draws his followers to himself and how we can learn to listen out for his call today.

Calling cards are personalised cards, which were left in homes to announce that someone had visited. They were a sign that someone had been there and wanted to spend time with them. Emily Owen explores the idea that God has always been leaving personalised calling cards to his followers to remind them of his presence.

From Adam and Eve, right through to the New Testament, Emily uncovers insights on the nature of being called by God, how people reacted, and what being called means for us. She encourages us to lean in to listen to God; to expect him to speak; and ultimately to get close enough to hear and recognise his voice.

Combining her trademark style of imaginatively retelling Bible stories with moving personal testimony, Emily invites the reader to personally encounter the God who loves them, and to look out for God’s calling cards in their lives.

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