Ahead with God


A friend of mine, Brian, writes monthly articles for his parish magazine, and has kindly given me permission to post some of last January’s here.

January 2019

HEADs up the New Year is here.
I hope that all of you have had a joyful Christmas. For us it was a quiet time after the hectic schedule of the tree festival earlier in the month. It was certainly a HEAD time for me: first, I Hoped that lots of people would come and share our little celebration, there was Excitement at the thought of all the children coming in and hunting for Brussel sprouts. Alongside this there was Apprehension as to whether we would have everything set up on time and that the flow of people would be ok. Finally, there was a sense of Dread, what if it rained, snowed, blew a gale whilst people were queuing!
It occurred to me that we have many HEAD events in our lives, starting a new job, going into hospital and even going on holiday abroad. There is Hope, Excitement, Apprehension and Dread in all of these.

As we head into, or further into, 2020, there will likely be HEAD events for all of us. And, in each, whether easy or difficult, happy or sad, fearful or peaceful, will be God. Let’s try and keep that in mind, and take it with us into every day…




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